3 Easy Ways to Unblock Facebook Access

Published: 08th October 2009
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It is undeniable that Facebook has becoming one of the most popular online social networking websites which connects people globally. First of all, you have to register yourself as one of the users and add anyone you know into your list of friends. Then, you can send instant messages and write comments to your friends anytime you wish to. Besides that, you can actually post up your pictures and at the same time view other people's pictures.

There are lots of games and applications available which make Facebook a nice online site for everyone. However, due to certain controversies, some organizations actually block the access to this website. Do not worry as here are some tips for you to unblock Facebook access in a safe way.

Use Proxy

The first method which is usually being used by most Internet users is to use proxy. Proxy server acts as a middle-person which enables you to surf any websites as usual. Whenever you use a proxy site, your Internet connection will be set to a unique proxy IP address so that you are able to surf the Internet anonymously without any restrictions.

Remote Connection to Your PC

If you are not able to open Facebook website, you can actually remote the Internet connection to your personal PC at home. However, this method requires you to install a special application to both PCs. You can search online for this free application and make sure that your PC can support this installation.

Using Mobile

Apart from the two solutions, another option for you to surf Internet without restrictions is by using mobile. If your mobile has Internet application, you can install Opera and surf the site from your mobile. This method is much easier and faster.

Now that you have known some of the easy ways to unblock Facebook access, try it out whenever your access to Facebook is restricted. This often happens at schools and offices!

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