Asking a Girl to Become Your Girlfriend

Published: 01st December 2010
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After much time spent together, you may begin to grow very fond of a girl. If the fondness clings onto your heart, this would mean that you do indeed like her presence. Taking it to the next level is a possible option then. However, asking a girl of interest to become your girlfriend can be even scarier that bungee jumping or public speaking. Here are some tips to asking a girl to become your girlfriend.

The first thing you will need to do is to make a firm decision that you want the girl to become your girlfriend. This means that you should not back out easily to every failure for each go. It would be important that you do not take too long to make this decision or you may end up being in the best friend category, which most people of either gender find difficult to cross over to a dating relationship.

Next, you can start to give subtle hints to her. If you ask her to become your girlfriend all of the sudden, this may shock or surprise her, which would make her confused, where you may only get an undesired reaction. You will need to draw her attention to you, such as by flirting, so that she will have you in her mind. Spend as much time winning her heart. Giving her time to think of you means allowing her to grow feelings for you as well. If she responds positively to your flirts, she may be interested in you as well. Slowly, you can bring in more obvious hints, like sharing classic love poems.

The final part would be to ask the question. Popping the question is about finding the right moment. You could have a day all well planned, to lead the conversation to the direction of asking the important question, or simply jump at the chance when you see fit. Anyhow, execution is important as every girl likes to be in a romantic story. You could recite classic love poems to her to get her in the mood, or even give her dozens of roses. This way, she may simply melt into your arms.

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