Black Poop: Some Surprising Facts!

Published: 26th October 2010
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Most people tend to stuff things into their stomach without realizing the requirements of their digestive system. However, worries tend to hover in mind once the poop changes color. Black poop can be a cause of worry for most people across the globe. Consumption of a specific thing in huge quantities can often result in changes throughout your body. This also changes the color of fecal matter and urine.

Not just the color but even the smell of urine also changes due the diet that reaches the body. It is strange but true that people have also been having blue pee due to too much consumption of blueberries. There are different effects of different types of things that we eat. For instance, having too much of spinach can make you get green poop. However, there is nothing to worry about this because these effects are perfectly harmless. Having unbalanced diet can be a real problem.

Black poop is a cause of worry because it is caused by internal bleeding. The natural brown color is usually caused by metabolites from bile pigment known as bilirubin. It is broken down in the liver and intestine before being excreted form the body. Bilirubin is also responsible for the yellow pee color of pee. Changes in color are usually an indication that something else has been added. This may also be something that is not possible for the body to break down. Eating too much of a certain thing can result in the excess passing straight through.

Sometimes, blood inside the body can mix into the waste. There are certain dietary causes for black poop. Bismuth, an ingredient present in Pepto-Bismol is mainly responsible for black poop. This could also be excessive iron amounts of your food. This can even be caused due to beetroot and liquorice in food intake. Its color can be affected by certain medications. Discussing with a medical practitioner is necessary before reaching out to any conclusion related to the color.

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