Dos and Don’ts during Pregnancy

Published: 29th December 2009
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Pregnancy period takes almost 9 months and there are absolutely lots of dos and don'ts that one must be aware of. This is important so that your beloved baby will be healthy and chubby. Here are the important dos and don'ts during pregnancy.


First of all, make sure you have enough sleep at night. It might affect your baby if you stay up late and overstress yourself. It is also advisable for you to take good care of your diet as your baby will consume the food that you take. It is great if you can take more vegetables and fruits that rich in vitamins. Do follow your doctor's recommendations closely.

Go for medical check up regularly to make sure your baby is in a good condition. Whenever you feel uneasy or something goes wrong with your body, make sure you call up your doctor or your spouse immediately.

Pregnant women should go for light exercise or workout more often. You can join the exercise class for mummy-to-be as this will help the growth of your baby and make sure he or she is in position during pregnancy.


Do not take alcoholic drinks and smoke when you are pregnant. This will affect the growth of your baby. Do avoid going environmentally polluted places as well. You might end up having an unhealthy baby later on if you inhale lots of polluted air or smoke.

Most importantly is; don't try to stand on a chair or to climb on stairs. If something is unreachable, ask for help. This is to prevent you from falling down from the chairs as miscarriage might happen if you are unlucky.

These are all the basic things that you must take care during pregnancy. Although sometimes you might feel a bit bored and tied up with all the dos and don'ts, but when you think of your cute little baby, everything you do now is really worth it.

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