ESR Spectroscopy: Some Advantages And Disadvantages

Published: 10th February 2011
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Spectroscopy is the way to analyze spectra using a spectroscope and ESR spectroscopy is just one of its kind. Electron Spin Resonance for short ESR spectroscopy has many advantages and disadvantages. This is used in the fields of medicine and biology today very successfully. It helps us know the properties of the electrons in the free radicals that any compounds have.

During any physical activity like the bombardment of some huge amount of energy like light, microwave radiation, or even heat on say ice some free radicals like H OH, OH2 will be formed and in the process the ice liquidizes into water. These radicals sometimes get attached to a location and when ESR is applied, using a specific spectroscope the analysis of the cell can be done.

This is possible because the radiation of the energy used together with an alternating magnetic field causes the electrons to move between their low and high orbits back and forth. They start moving faster and faster as more and more energy is picked up when they move so. Then the gap between their low and high orbits becomes smaller as time passes by. The energy applied gets in between the gap created and the difference in the energy levels can be detected by the sensor used for this purpose.

This application is widely used in the field of biology and also medicine. There are some key advantages. The first being it is the speed with which it can be performed and yet the analysis of the free radicals is found to be near perfect. Moreover, the results of the testing pretty easy to comprehend and understand. Other techniques are used to identify free radicals and also electrons in pairs. This spectroscopy is used for the purpose of identification of only free radicals. This is an important aspect in the study of free radicals.

Likewise there are some disadvantages too. The foremost is that this process should be performed at low temperatures and only then desired results can be got. So they are performed in the specific laboratories where such temperatures can be attained. These are some advantages and disadvantages of the ESR spectroscopy.

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