Fishing According To Moon Phases

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Published: 11th December 2010
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Typical fishermen who have no knowledge about the moon phases would go fishing blindly, usually according to their mood. They rather spend more on learning the techniques, buying lures and baits in hopes to increase their catch yet not always having the right opportunity. The tools and items are not probably the main factor to maximize your catch before the natural effects from the moon can possibly drain your efforts away. The "Solunar Theory" is the concept one should learn, fathom and apply into their fishing journey. Albeit the knowledge being rather complicated and foreign to most conventional fishermen, majority of them come to diminish their skeptic after they found it to be effective.

There are numerous factors to be considered and predictions need to be made to know the exact accurate time, narrowing it to a specific minute to be best interval for fishermen to conduct their fishing activities. There was a study performed by a fisherman himself who was incredulous about the effect of moon phases on the fishing times. He made a periodical record of the trip for approximately 18 months. He apparently recorded all essential information, including the catches and weather conditions. To his utter astonishment, the phase of the moon’s movement has proven to be effective. He also claimed that it is not as complicated as it seems to be. It is every fisherman’s basic awareness that the best fishing times are during the feeding period of the fishes. Often this happens in the dusk or dawn but most of them are not familiar with the moonrise and moonset intervals.

The moon itself has a strong effect on the factors in the vicinity of the fish’s habitat. The factor that triggers the feeding is the moon phases, particularly the live fodder that they hunt. So in order to know when the feeding times are, you have to first understand how the moon orbiting period goes. You can definitely increase the chance of high catches if you can roughly evaluate the right moonrise or moonset, sunrise or sunset and how they coincide with the lunatic phases. Of course, there are other several aspects to consider such as the season and weather. Weather changes can have great impact on the feeding period of the fish as well and the transition of one season to another will also affect the best fishing times.

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