How Do You Make a Heart on Facebook?

Published: 04th February 2011
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You should have seen many of your friends putting heart symbol on the Facebook. Some may even send you little tiny black heart while chatting on Facebook. You may be wondering how you can create this small tiny heart on the Facebook or chats. But you may feel shy to ask your friends about this and seems avoiding this question being asked. You need not feel left out.

You can add and send little hearts to your beloved and express your soul. To add cute heart to your Facebook, you have to do only some keyboard taps. First, you have to log on to your account and then go to our friendís profile to which you wish to send the heart symbol. After that, you have to go to their "wall" and type < and then 3. You can see the heart symbol on your friendís Facebook. You can also create many things for your friends with a few keyboard taps. For example, you can create Heart & Spades, Spade & Clubs, and Clubs & Diamonds. Avoid space while taping the keys.

You can grant a heart on Facebook while chatting. The pink heart appears suddenly on the chat window and it will make your friend happy. You can do this by pressing "<" and 3 without space. Once you press these two keys, you can see the pink heart floating on your chat window.

You can also insert a heart symbol on Facebook using Mac. For this you have to keep your cursor on the writing spot (status update, photo comment, etc) and then click on the edit option from the top menu bar of the browser. Next, you have to go to the bottom item of edit and click on the "special character". For adding heart symbol, you have to select "Miscellaneous" and choose the symbol from the options and click insert. You can also use keyboard options for this. For example, you can click on the "Option" and "Command" keys followed by "T" key to get a heart.

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