New Trends in Mobile Game Development

Published: 17th February 2011
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From a general point of view, mobile games are referred to games available on mobile phones, Personal Digital Assistants (PDA), smart phones or portable computers. The games have either been pre-embedded into the devices or can be downloaded over the internet. More often than not, those games are made compatible in gadgets with the use of technologies such as multimedia message, short message service (SMS) and GPRS location detection. They are integrated into the devices stored as certain formats in spaces of memory cards or the original memory storage.

The development of java games for mobile devices is an incessant expanding trend. With the current high technological era, we can observe multiple concepts used in establishing the games; for instance the massive multiplayer, world scenario or some promotional and advertising form of games. In fact, the most recent findings are the 3D gaming and this new advancement is expected to approach the hands of the society probably very soon.

In addition, with virtually every single person in use of the mobile device, mobile games are inevitably growing, to serve the demands of entertainment from users. Because the mobile gadgets, either the portable PC, PDA or simply a cell phone, it is no longer primarily utilized for network connection, it has become a vital companion for entertainment and updates. In other words, the market of gaming is extremely potential and lucrative, especially among youngsters. You can take a brief glance over bus stops, eateries, airport or any other places and you might come to realize how enthralling it is people are using their personal mobile devices.

It has been expected that in only a few years’ time, the astounding multiplayer java games will be substantially released to the market. Because there are only restricted number of games that allow the multiplayer interface for players to play in connection to any other players around the world such as the Find 4, games developers are attempting to expand their business from this route, with thoughts that it could lure more people into playing them.

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