Pros and Cons of Digital Printing

Published: 08th October 2009
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Every business owner needs thousands of flyers and brochures to spread awareness about his brand far and wide.

Typically, offset printing is used to generate hundreds of copies of these promotional materials. However, in recent years, the popularity of digital printing has soared significantly, and the primary reason for this is its ability to produce outstanding printouts in an inexpensive manner. Let's find out how this form of printing can help you to save money.

• Unlike offset printing, plates are not required in the case of digital printing. Due to this unique feature, you can generate 1 or 2 copies or hundreds of print outs instantaneously.

• Another benefit of this type of printing is that it provides you a lot of customization options. For instance, you can change the colors of the documents, increase or decrease the font size, set the margins, modify paragraph and line spacing, insert different symbols, graphics and pictures, and review the document to remove all kinds of errors. These things cannot be done easily in the case of offset printing.

• In addition to being user-friendly, digital printing is cost-effective too. For instance, you can effortlessly re-adjust the properties of the digital printer, and thereby save ink as well as money. You can opt to print in grayscale rather than colored. You can even select the paper size, quality and orientation. Furthermore, by using the print preview option, you can get a fair idea of how the print out would look like.

• The ink and cartridges used for this kind of printing are widely available. In some printers like HP, the cartridges can be refilled without any trouble. Refilling is certainly an economical proposition.

• On the downside, the cost of the printer used for digital printing is quite high. Moreover, from time to time, a large amount of money has to be spent to maintain its functionality. Another cause of concern is the price of the cartridges. The original cartridges can be refilled only 2 to 3 times, thereafter new cartridges become imperative, and they are quite expensive.

• Another major disadvantage of this form of printing is that it cannot produce print outs in bulk. If you even attempt to accomplish this task, the wear and tear of the printer would be more and you would end up losing more money.

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