Themes for Forbidden Love Stories

Published: 14th December 2009
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Love is all around us, even for those who are not looking. But what happens if the love between two people is forbidden? These kinds of love stories are both intriguing and provocative as they divide people with opinions on whether it is right or wrong, or what these two poor people should do.

Themes for forbidden love stories include:

• The lovebirds come from two opposing religions and one person has to convert to another religion 'or else'. If the person does end up converting, he or she becomes the black sheep of the family. That happened to a female relative of mine, but for some unknown reason, her now-husband converted to my relative's original religion much to the annoyance of his parents!

• The lovebirds are from two opposing ethnic groups that really dislike each other. These kinds of stories really divide people because it flares people up like, "How can you love that person even though his countrymen are at war with us?" These situations are quite common in countries with a great amount of conflict. An example of this in the news was where a couple was about to get married but then war broke out between two ethnic groups. The groom decided to break up with the bride the day after.

• People have an affair with someone - usually a married boss falling in love with their secretaries or personal assistants. These never end well, because there are usually children involved or the secretary/personal assistant ends up losing her job.

• There is an enormous age difference between the people in love. Some people say that the couple should be together if they are really in love, while other people think that it is absolutely revolting that a 30-year-old should be with an 80-year-old.

• Kissing cousins or worse, a brother and sister, mother and son or father and daughter relationship. I think we can all agree that although it does happen once in a blue moon, that it is truly disgusting.

Do you have any other ideas for forbidden love stories to share with other budding authors? Or for those who are in forbidden relationships, what made you overcome this giant hurdle?

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