Two Sides To The Story On Chronic Prostatitis

Published: 15th April 2011
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Although prevention is better than cure, prostate problems probably do not respect this adage as those practicing the healthiest of lifestyle habits can end up on the same side as their less than fit counterparts. As such, it pays to heed to the many uninvited chronic prostatitis symptoms which may invade one’s hale and hearty reproductive region.

To set matters straight, there are two forms of prostate diseases giving rise to these indicators. A defining element differentiating them is the absence or presence of bacteria. Those of the former category make up the largest statistic suffering from prostate problems. Sometimes known as chronic pelvic pain syndrome due to the general region of the stinging sensation, the sufferer experiences repeated pain. Upon conducting tests on the urine, no evidence of infection is detected thus requiring no prescription of drugs to kill bacteria if present. Due to this inconvenience, passing urine is often an unpleasant experience. Some patients of a higher degree may even suffer performance degradation in the bedroom as the act is too painful or cannot even be carried out despite the candlelight, aromatic scents, soft music and willing partner. It is safe to say that signs of chronic prostatitis, if not detected and confirmed, can easily drive a wedge in the marriage.

Presence of bacterial infection can be easily determined via urine tests. Often caused by infection in the bladder, bacteria find a sweet spot to stay in the prostate gland and are quite hard to oust after. The physician generally prescribes a regime of antibiotics from several weeks to months depending on severity of infection and robustness of bacteria. Due to recurring infection of the urinary tract, pain may come and go causing the sufferer to often assume the problem is gone. In addition to chronic prostatitis symptoms focusing on the region, the sufferer may experience bouts of fever as the body raises its temperature to kill off invaders. Frequent urination may also add to the confusion since other ailments such as diabetes also feature similar indicators. As such, signs of chronic prostatitis can be easily mistaken as some bug caught at the office or association with existing ailments.

To avoid being led down the wrong path, it is highly advisable to go for a thorough medical examination. By completing the series of tests, it can certainly help to put one’s mind to rest in identifying the actual problem, its causes and steps towards recovery.


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