What are the various advantages included in learning English writing skills?

Published: 06th January 2010
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There are enormous amount of people just like you are trying to learn English for gaining several advantages. Though there are several countries where English is not used as their primary language, you will be getting a situation to write as well as speak English in your life. So, there is nothing wrong in learning basic level English because it is an international language where more than 100 countries are using it. If you have already tried researching on how to develop your English skills then you need to accept the fact that learning English language is very important and also to get all advantages included in it. The following are the advantages of the English writing skills. They are:
1) Accessing in internet:
Internet is the tool where almost more than 80% of the whole world populations are using it. Majority of the websites as well as web pages are available only in English. You can do several part time jobs and earn money only if you know at least basic level of English language.
2) News:
International news channels like CNN, NBC etc are telecasted only in English language. You can know all international news by watching these news channels.
3) Career:
English language can help you in choosing some high paid salary jobs. It doesn't matters if you live in non speaking country but you will definitely get a great job in your home country itself if you are capable of writing as well as speaking good English with no grammar errors. Even when you apply for future jobs, you can get jobs in English speaking countries like USA, UK, AUS, Canada and New Zealand etc.
4) Travel:
If you want to travel all over the world then it is compulsory that you need to know English language because you need to communicate with people.

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