What Is Hyperthyroid Diet?

Published: 01st December 2009
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If you are one of the many sufferers of hyperthyroidism you have probably been told that you must use ahyperthyroid diet to control its affects. This condition is caused when the thyroid becomes overactive and makes much more thyroid hormone than the body can deal with. When the body gets an overdose of this hormone your metabolism speeds up and you can suffer from significant weight loss, depression, anxiety and numerous other problems.

But what how can diet affect hyperthyroidism? When you follow a diet that is low in carbohydrates, fiber, and iodine, you can alleviate many of the symptoms. While there is no diet or diet program that can affect your chances of developing hyperthyroidism, a hyperthyroid diet can help by removing substances that aggravate the problem.

One big problem in diet for those who have this condition is iodine. There are some cases that doctors believe that hyperthyroidism has actually been caused by the presence of too much iodine and reducing the amount of iodine that the body ingests can actually reverse, to some extent if the amount of iodine ingested is reduced significantly.

One solution to reducing iodine intake is to reduce salt intake. A list of other foods that can contain excess iodine follows:

• Seafood

• Eggs

• Dairy products

• Plants grown in iodine rich soil

• And of course sea salt or iodized salt

• Multivitamins with iodine

It has been suggested that hyperthyroidism can be the cause, or one of the causes of celiac disease. Celiac disease is a digestive disorder that restricts your ability to properly absorb nutrients. People with Celiac disease cannot eat gluten, which is a protein found in starch. If hyperthyroidism can be linked to Celiac disease restricting your diet again by not ingesting wheat, rye and barley products can also have a beneficial affect.

While hyperthyroidism can cause significant weight loss and make gaining weight troublesome because of the high metabolism caused by hyperthyroidism, how much or how little that you weight won't cause the disease. Adding extra calories to your diet with protein rich foods will however help you keep your weight from dropping to low.

Using a hyperthyroid diet will not reverse or help manage this condition alone. If you do have hyperthyroidism you will need other treatments like hormone therapy to help control it.

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