What is the Right Measurement for Rabbit Hutches?

Published: 14th October 2010
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It may seem to be an enjoyable thing when having a rabbit as a pet. Rabbit hutches are essential thing that you may have already purchase but is it in the right measurement? Just with any animals and pets, they have different body sizes. It will be the same for your furry friend. You should make sure the place that your pet stays is too low or small where it will constrict movement and brings agitation.

The minimum size and measurement of rabbit hutches is around 5 feet in length, 2 feet in width and 2 feet in height. This should be enough for the rabbit to move, stretch, turn and lift its head. You also need to know the breed of your rabbit. If it tends to grow bigger, you should invest in a larger hutch. After all, you would not want it to be growing bigger and there will be less space to move. Moreover, you also would not prefer to waste money to buy yet another hutch when it grows in size. As on a safe side, it is always better to purchase a cage that is larger in the initial stage.

If 5 feet in length is taking too much of the space in your home, you can try to get multi-storey rabbit hutches. The minimum length should be 4 feet. Each level should have a height measurement of at least 2 feet. If the size is smaller than this, it is considered as too small for the rabbit to move and roam around. In fact, this is not even recommended by experts. Having the appropriate size of hutch will ensure your pet have a happy and safe dwelling place to stay. When your pet is happy, you can be sure to enjoy keeping and playing with it.

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