What to look for when buying used diesel engines

Published: 27th March 2011
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While diesel engines are very durable some of them often need a lot of maintenance. When buying a used diesel engine it is very necessary to watch out for scammers, or individuals trying to sell defective engines. The only way to avoid scammers is to know about diesel engines, and to follow a set of golden rules.

1. Know what you are looking for before buying anything. This may seem like the obvious thing to do, but there are many individuals who do not take the time to learn the specification of the engine needed. Knowing this will ensure that the engines fits properly, and performs at its best in the vehicle in which it is placed.

2. Buy from large businesses or companies that have been recommended to you. Large salvage yards, and websites will more than likely be regulated, as well as be able to give warranties, and perform background checks on engines.

3. Never buy a used engine until the history or VIN check report is presented to you. This allows the buyer to know the total history of the engine, good or bad. If the business does not offer history checks it is a clear sign not to purchase from them.

4. Always ask for an upgrade on the warranty, if no warranty is available, do not buy the engine. A standard six months warranty should come on all used engines; it is recommended that the buyer upgrades it to at least one year. Warranty upgrades give the buyer a wider window for refund or exchange.

5. Avoid buying rebuilt engines. Rebuilt diesel engines will turn out to be a lot of trouble because they will require a great amount of maintenance. Rebuilt engines will not have original parts therefore the buyer can encounter challenges when maintaining, or fixing it.

6. Always search for engines with low mileage. Low mileage engines will last the buyer longer, perform better, and most times will require less maintenance.

Buying a used diesel engine should not be a hard task once you are prepared to stick to the rules. Remember diesel engines require some amount of maintenance, so the primary objective is to search for one that will not require as much. The search can be daunting if a clear plan of action is not mapped out, know what you want in, and from an engine, and do not compromise.

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