Why Is It A Teacher Job Is Never Done

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Published: 24th November 2010
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There is truly no better way to make an impact on the world than to educate it. In addition to imparting knowledge, one in the teaching profession also leaves an impression of oneself in the lives of those who come in contact. As biological parents leave their DNA stamp upon their offspring, teachers also brand their pupils with thought processes, mindsets, passion and drive in line with their own qualities. It is therefore no surprise to hear of many a success stemming from a dedicated yet unassuming role model of a teacher. Job opportunities are thus ripe for the pickings of aspirants wishing to join the club.

Various methods exist for one to pursue a career along this direction. Coupled with a solid foundation in school, a hopeful candidate needs to acquire a diploma or degree in a discipline. One may also require training in being a teacher. Upon completion, certification may be a pre-requisite by some education authorities to weed out the wolves before giving them access to the lambs. This profession is able to satisfy a vast pool of talents and interests as students exist in all shapes and sizes, ages and intellect, local and abroad.

Being a teacher does not require one to be a rocket scientist. However, the role is quite similar to that of a mother. In other words, no amount of formal training will fully equip one to handle a class of crying toddlers or junior high school students on the verge of a hormone overdose. Most times, one comes to rely upon experience on the job as the foundation in school education. A child comes with his own set of values and attitudes borne of his parentsí loins. Multiply that by the number of individuals in the class and it is no surprise to see an enterprising teacher job in action. To cover topics within the curriculum, it is therefore safe to say its delivery needs tweaking to fit the audience.

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